March 24, 2023

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How to shop for the best wine coolers in the UK

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How to shop for the best wine coolers in the UK

So you are contemplating investing your hard-earned money on a wine fridge stand-alone. But before taking on such an endeavour. Always take your research techniques to another level to find the Best wine cooler available from many manufacturers and outlets across the UK. A standalone wine cooler can be best described as a wine fridge designed in such a way as to resemble a built-in wine fridge slightly and is also known as a wine cabinet. The only difference is that a stand-alone was not designed to be installed within a tight or enclosed space. These units are designed to need breathing space above and at the sides. A built-in wine fridge is an equipt with a ventilation system at the front. Also, consider the following before deciding whether to purchase a stand-alone wine fridge. First, look if the manufacturer or outlet offers a warranty on their wine fridges. The next would be to consider how you would save on costs with them, including free delivery. And last but not least, consider speaking to a wine fridge expert on which stand-alone would meet your needs. 

A standalone wine fridge

Many wine collectors believe that a standalone wine fridge is lower in price as this unit can be placed in an open area with proper ventilation space where the costs involved with a built-in wine fridge are much higher. A stand-alone wine fridge comes in various shapes and forms. Each one offers the best features needed to house precious wine bottle collections. Standalone wine units can be described as a little bulky in their design. But with this oddity comes the benefit of a larger storage capacity. Subsequently, this would be your first starting point before thinking further about which model of wine fridge you would need. This supreme technique in a wine fridge would provide the perfect serving temperature. 

Some standalone wine fridge ideas

There are many creative ways where to place your standalone wine fridge. So that the unit melts into the already established aesthetics of the room, firstly, consider your capacity and available space for such a unique unit. Then comes the fun part. How impressive can you make the standalone wine fridge look in many desired areas? For example, some would love their wine collection available in their bar at home. The great idea is to place the unit next to the existing caricature to make the wine fridge look like a built-in wine fridge. Another would be to house a smaller version in your study made from stainless steel that still packs a powerful punch. Moreover, consider placing a countertop above the wine fridge where you can display your most prized wine accessories.

Some excellent wine terms to know.

Maybe you would find it beneficial to know some wine terminology in the future. Visualise yourself entertaining some guests at home, whether they are fellow wine sommeliers, also known as wine enthusiasts or not. Knowing some wine terms would go a long way when standing in front of your standalone wine fridge and taking out a beautiful bottle of wine. Many wine terms are used to describe the taste of different wines. A wine term is when wine lovers associate certain feelings, smells and tastes with other influences. For example, a “Bretty” is a wine connected to old leather smells. There are many more examples to use; just use your imagination, but before doing this, do your research and familiarise yourself with them. In addition, some wine enthusiasts have developed another way of “tasting” wine called Blind tasting. In conclusion, enjoy your journey of finding the best standalone wine fridge of your dreams. 

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