October 3, 2022


Kitchen Remodel

London Bay Renovation effortlessly creates reimagined spaces

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London Bay Renovation effortlessly creates reimagined spaces

London Bay Renovation specializes in renovating luxury homes in Southwest Florida’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

With real estate interest in custom home building continuing to grow, renovation has seen substantial growth for clients who prefer to modify their current home to complement the current styles. From complete interior and exterior makeovers to room additions, kitchen and bath remodels, and design accents. London Bay Renovation blends homeowners’ unique perspective with modern features, upscale finishes, and the latest design trends in the industry to create homes that reflect personal lifestyles.

“When you bought or built your home five or 10 years ago, it may have been perfect for your needs at the time. But, over the years, styles have changed,” said Steve Miller, vice president of London Bay Homes. “Maybe your family has grown, and you have grandchildren in your life now or have developed a new hobby that requires a dedicated and specialized space. Many of our clients find themselves living in a Mediterranean-style home and want to transition to a more coastal contemporary modern look. Whatever the reason is, our team works to shape your home to reflect your lifestyle.”


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