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Nan Inc. – A Construction Dream Come True

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Nan Inc. – A Construction Dream Come True

Nan Inc. – A Construction Dream Come True

Even though there are numerous construction companies that you can find in Hawaii, there is none that enjoys the same level of success and reputation as that of Nan Inc. Founded in the year 1990 and having its headquarters in Honolulu Hawaii, Nan Inc. is a relatively young construction firm to have managed to achieved the growth it is enjoying today. With just three decades of experience under its belt, the firm has received a number of awards and accolades for the outstanding projects it has completed and the exceptional services it has delivered. All of this happened because of the hard work and dedication of its founder, Patrick Shin.

It was his determination that led to the establishment of Nan Inc. The company began with just one employee and its first project was installation of a road sign. But, Patrick Shin wasn’t the one to give up. He had come to the US from South Korea, where he had been born as Nan Chul Shin. It had been his dream to move to the United States and he accomplished this goal with his family. However, his initial days were not that easy as there were a lot of financial problems his family had to face.

He lived in a one-bedroom apartment with his family and was lucky enough to get a scholarship to Bowling Green State University, Ohio. After completing his business administration degree, he moved to Hawaii where he worked in a construction company for two years. It was with this experience that Nan Inc. was born and he hasn’t looked back since then. You can check out the official blog by Nan Inc. ownerto find out more about what he has accomplished with his company.

Despite the humble beginnings, the company has managed to grow and expand over the years due to its founder’s unwavering commitment to integrity and quality. They have successfully completed more than 3,000 projects all over and beyond Hawaii. They have also been awarded various government contracts due to their hard work and have dealt with a number of multimillion dollar projects. The company specializes in construction management, general contracting as well as design-build services and they have partnered with some big names to complete different projects.

They have a professional and expert team that’s committed to providing the best work to their clients, helping Nan Inc. become a renowned name in the construction world.

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