September 26, 2022

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Ways to Attract Customers to Increase Store Foot Traffic

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Ways to Attract Customers to Increase Store Foot Traffic

Ways to Attract Customers to Increase Store Foot Traffic

The store’s appearance also matters a lot when trying to increase the store foot traffic. You must grab the attention of the passersby to make them come to your store. What can be better than using custom mats? With E-commerce spreading, people no longer like going to retail stores, but when the advertising methods are great, everything seems in place. 

Ultimate Mats make premium carpet logo mats to be used in retail stores. When people walk on the custom mats, they know they are in for something amazing. The HD-printed mats are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors. They always look so bright and vivid just how customers want them to appear. The quality of these mats is different from normal mats. 

How to attract customers for increasing store foot traffic?

  • Putting out best merchandise on front

With the COVID situations, many shops have brought their merchandise outside for people to select in the open air. Keep only the best items on display in the stores. Further, don’t keep out cheap items when you want to increase the traffic. People normally get attracted to shiny and expensive items at first. 

  • Have a custom welcome carpet

People instantly feel the vibe of a friendly environment when they see the custom welcome mats. These can be of different colors to grab customer’s attention. Moreover, just putting a simple mat can attract lots of customers. Alongside, you can use cute symbols like arrows, cute designs, etc. 

  • Having a great curbside display

It’s best to keep an eye-catching curbside display for attracting customers. Some interesting displays are rack showing some colorful items, etc. The board welcomes the customers. Further, put a funny message or even hint to customers that something special is inside. 

The shops with special display contents increase awareness about the brand. And people come to the shops to buy the products. 

  • Have a website for the store

Majority of the people shop online nowadays. So, all the retail stores should have a website from where the customers can buy. Likewise, showcase all the products upfront on the website. It should allow the customers to buy the products online. 

You can even push the customers to the physical stores if they are attracted to the websites. All of these methods boost consumer awareness to the extreme. It also increases the overall sale of the business. 

  • Using email marketing

A great way to keep customers informed about the products is via email marketing. It is by offering newsletters and promotional messages. It helps to build unique connections with the customers. 

The newsletters must be curated according to the demographic details of the customers. Secondly, you can collect the data from your collection methods. Promotion will help you to deal with the dedicated customers only. 


Make your significance known both online and offline to attract higher customers. You can increase the store foot traffic once you attract them online. Pick up convenient locations for the store too. 

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